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Boodle responded!

November 14th, 2005 at 03:37 pm

Well, maybe it wasn't a complete loss today. Did receive Febreze coupons. I had a response from Boodle, too!

Boodle is like SmartSource, only it is paid for by local major newspapers, like the Chronicle and the Sun and the Bee. I have seen so many posts from people about stores not accepting internet coupons, and while I was updating the Boodle link in the coupon forum yesterday, I went through the link to our local major paper, and was taken straight to their web site. Now, this seemed obviously ridiculous, my newspaper is paying and advertising it's grocery coupons to be printed online, and none the stores that advertise in paper will take the paper's internet coupons. So, I wrote to the link on my newspaper's home page.

Got a response back from CustomCoupons, today!

They gave me a list of stores in my area who they believe are accepting internet coupons, and some info on "negotiations" they are having with two specific stores who will not.

Don't know if I will try to print and use again, but it's nice to have the information of which stores will accept them! Wish I knew how to do a post, so others could write and find out which stores in their area are accepting them.

Well, on to dinner.

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