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e-rewards didn't reward!

April 18th, 2006 at 04:52 pm

I wanted to send something unique to Mom. Dad can't carry anything with his walker, and no one is sure when she will leave the hospital. She's allergic to all plants, and she's diabetic so most foods are out.

I had $87 accumulated at e-rewards, and FTD.com is one of their partners. They had a $25 g/c available online. Nothing bigger was available, but I just wanted a little something.

I cashed in and received my email with a g/c code for $25 at FTD.com. and the url to use. ONLINE.

Went to the site, found a small teddy bear that she would like. $17. Went to check out. SHIPPING charges were another $17!!!! $35 for this TINY bear! But, okay, want to send something for tomorrow when she is more awake, have a g/c...

Put in the hospital address...and a notice popped up that shipping to a hospital is 3-5 days with OVERNIGHT charges. No faster, and no cheaper. Probably receive it Friday.

Hmmm...it's Tuesday, Medicare may have moved her to the rehab hospital by Friday...but worth a try...

Code not accepted. MUST CALL BY PHONE.

DH came in, he tried. Again. And Again.

DH finally got through on the phone number, had the "online purchase" put through and confirmed, $10 (really, people pay $35 for this???), and DH was told it was shipping to Barbara for Friday...

Mom's name isn't Barbara...

DH told FTD that he was sure Barbara would appreciate the bear, but he needed one to go to Marie...

DH finally cleared it up. I am *SO* glad for the times we balance each other. I was frustrated enough to bail out and just buy the $100 flowers she would dump and complain about.

But seriously, I'm pretty disappointed in both FTD, which I haven't used, and e-Rewards, which I think I will opt out of. They don't have many rewards, and the endurance challenges of their survey's are less than the endurance challenge of cashing in the rewards!


Technically, saved $25.

Experience wasn't priceless.

6 Responses to “e-rewards didn't reward!”

  1. baselle Says:

    And you thought MEDICARE was bad. Smile

  2. markio26 Says:

    i am gonna quit them also.... i still like mypoints... and i usually go thru ebates and fw too... they always service me well...

  3. JET Says:

    The only thing I really get from e-rewards is the free magazines and Blockbuster coupons...I've used the FTD too, but the price of items using the URL through erewards is actually higher than if you just go to FDT.com - NICE!! : [
    mypoints is the BEST!! We've gotten near $200 worth of gift cards - its great!

  4. Mary Says:

    I spent fifteen minutes taking a e-reward survey supposedly to get a $10 Amazon gift certificate. After I took the survey and went to apply for the gift certificate I got a error message. Wouldn't let me reapply for it. I think it was a scam.

  5. Joseph W. Berlinger Says:

    They are a scam! I have waited 5 months and a 100 point deduction for a Target Gift card...nothing... just a lame excuse that it was probably sent...it wasn't

  6. Steve Says:

    eRewards is look for someone to redesign there network without paying. They are conditioning mock interviews with live job seekers in order to get network design ideas. They are looking for a Senior Network Engineer to help Design the network without hiring them. Good Plan!

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