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busy day, good savings, awful spendings!

March 21st, 2006 at 03:46 pm

Well, started off the day getting some things ready for two new coupon trains. Got side tracked by company, realized when the mail came that a coupon train member is two weeks late sending them on. Been trying to contact her for a week to no avail, and I'm not sure if I should be worried about her or irritated that she has hijacked the train to start her own.

After that, I sent Sister out shopping, Entertainment book and coupons in hand. She had fun, and gave me a chance to catch up on a few things. Not enough, but, at least a few emails.

Savings, FINALLY received the Kimberly-Clark rebate, the Barber rebate, the Orajel rebate, three Weis rebates, and a Colgate rebate I don't even remember Smile. Total in was $60.

Shopping, yesterday a whirlwind, spent $75 on a $200 total, so saved $140. I hope to start a new way of calculating to show savings by NOT spending as well as discounted. Hmmm...

Shopping online, sigh, I needed new makeup, which I haven't purchased since I retired. Sister has conjunctivitis, so everything is going. But, I'm sensitive to many cosmetics. REALLY sensitive. So, I wasn't sure what to get, and there were all these super deals in my inbox. So, I think I placed 4 orders. Granted, one was a $1 for $120, which I will need to cancel, and chances are that I will be allergic to it. But it was FUN thinking about some new makeup. And a few bath soaks. Some days you just need a TREAT.

Deal of the day, probably drugstore.com. They are having a sale, AND $10 off $100 philosophy purchase AND $10 off $100 beauty.com purchase. By logging in to drugstore.com, through eBates (5% cash back), then heading to beauty.com from their site, I received $20 off the $100 order, plus free shipping, plus 2 $5 off rewards, plus their 5% rebate, plus 5% from my cc (counts as drugstore). So, really, not bad.

Yves Rocher, %5 back through eBates, 20% discount code, 2 for 1 on most items, free shipping, and some free gifts.

So, despite the spending, here are the new totals:

2006 extra income challenge: $3556
2006 grocery savings: $5481

1 Responses to “busy day, good savings, awful spendings!”

  1. markio26 Says:

    ebates is my favorite too.

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