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Do you dress like you have money?

February 10th, 2006 at 01:15 pm

No offense to ANYONE, but I am LOL thinking about this question in the forums.

My MIL is wealthy. An heiress. Yet I did not know until after I was married and she told me who her grandfather was. YIKES. I actually wouldn't have married the love of my life if I'd known, it was too overwhelming.

Yet they live in a comfortable house. They buy cars used, one year or so out, so the depreciation has already hit. They wear comfortable clothes, save when they go out on the town, social or charity "events", and the holidays.

The only real clues I had to their money, other than their private banker, were their wedding rings, which they only wore to go out. $30K stones, each, purchased as stones and then set stunningly.

Christmas, dinner is cooked in sweats, with a last minute change into glamour, as I think many families do. The good china and crystal come out, and I remember commenting on how beautiful the crystal stemware was. When MIL said it was $250 a stem (20 years ago), I didn't even understand. DH explained in a whisper, and I was afraid to breathe.

People who truly have money are comfortable with it. They don't like to spend it foolishly but they do buy what they like. They don't tend to flaunt it, because it's just that, money, and end to a mean. They aren't really worried about what others think, or "looking" like they have money. Just the opposite, in fact, MIL has cautioned me many times on the dangers of "looking" wealthy. Theft, kidnapping, identity theft, mugging.

It's not to say they aren't neat, clean, appropriate, but they aren't ABOUT money, it's just something they have. You can have clothes, or jewelry, or money. Money is just another thing, it doesn't define them.

I love that about my MIL. She is kind, warm, loving, gentle, a great cook. And no one needs to know what is in her closet or her bank account. Only what's in HER.

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